I am writing to say how helpful I found the coaching sessions. Adrian enabled me to see that there was more 'on the screen' than I had imagined, allowing me to have my say but at the same time keeping me on track. It was at my 'Ministry Review' which many clergy have these days, that I was recommended to Adrian. I had said “I can't see anything on the screen.” I wasn't referring to PC or laptop but that I was unable to see what the future held for me, or how the present related to it. Adrian quietly but firmly enabled me to think in terms of aims and objectives, and also in terms of 'whole life balance' rather than 'work-life balance' as the coaching sessions progressed. Gradually I realised that there was more on my 'screen' than I had thought. I can now look the present and the future in the face with much more confidence. I warmly recommend Adrian and Galilee Coaching and Mentoring.
Revd David Bowler, Rector, Quorn, Leics