Strange as it may seem I won a session with Adrian in a prize draw at a conference. It was without doubt the best thing that has ever come my way. Several years ago I was forced into making a career change due to redundancy and although I love the work I do now there was always that little niggle in the background that I might not have made the right decision.

Thanks to the Belbin feedback and Adrian's patience I now realise that making the change was only the first step not only in respect of a new career but also finding the real me. Being contracted rather then permanently employed means that I always have one eye on the possibility that I need to find another position, but I have never felt comfortable looking to go back into my previous career role and have always managed to find reasons why I should not take the jobs offered.

Adrian has helped me realise that what I took to be something that I just do is actually skills I never realised I had and has give me the confidence to look at roles which will use them. By making me aware of where my ex and current colleagues see my strengths and weaknesses I now realise that they value the work I do and the role I play within the team structure.

Thanks to Adrian I now feel confident to go for positions both within the University and outside which will use my ‘undiscovered’ skills and I have a whole new outlook, not only on my working life but on myself. All I can say is that the raffle ticket was the best £1 I have ever spent – thank you so much Adrian for unearthing the ‘me’ that I have tried to bury for so long.
Ann Palmer, Research Fellow
De Montfort University