In January 2011 I attended a Life Coaching Retreat where I found Adrian's relaxed and affirmative style of teaching just what I needed. In the coaching sessions his insights, along with the tools he used, enabled me to focus on the future with confidence. The wide range of training resources which he dipped into is impressive, as is the long list of skills and qualifications, and wide life experience in different fields of service, making him a versatile trainer and mentor. He was engaging with us throughout the retreat, even at the meal table, in a constructive, inspirational manner, much as I imagine Jesus did with His disciples. Above all, are the personal qualities of patient endurance - he was sick throughout the retreat yet continued to give excellent service and only once re-scheduled a meeting - and servant leadership, exemplifed in his offer of lifts to the station at the end of the retreat, even though he himself had an important deadline to meet. Thank you, Adrian, for being an example and inspiration to me.

Yours sincerely, Sally Gray