I am writing to thank you sincerely and wholeheartedly for the support, advice and general guidance you have given to me for the last 6 months.
Most of all, I want to tell you how much I appreciate the proverbial rocket you have provided me with on so many levels. You make me feel that I can achieve and master anything I want to, no matter how off the wall or unusual. And then you help me formulate the plan to go out there and get it.
The help you’ve given to me – and hopefully will continue to give – spans across work, personal relationships, and future hopes and aspirations, as well as added clarity to the question ‘who am I?’ Who knows, one day the answer to that million-dollar question may eventually get answered!

One of your greatest strengths is that you don’t measure me or others against your own personal values, and never seek to judge. Instead, you draw on your varied life experiences to provide an alternative view and a balanced, measured outcome.
To date, you’ve talked me through career options, employment options, job interviews and you’ve pushed me to take a general look at my life overall, and never to settle for anything that’s not what I want.

We’ve only just begun, but so far, you have helped me to create an ideal balance between earning a decent living and studying for a diploma in clinical aromatherapy. You’ve coached me through the application and interview process, as well as making me question every aspect of the job to ensure it was truly right for me and my skills.
As everyone knows, there are an awful lot of people out there calling themselves life coaches, but you are the 18-carat diamond in the rough. And you’re a professional who people can turn to when they need a wise, kind and neutral sounding board either for work, play, or both.
Long may it continue, Adrian, thank you.

George, Leicester