Why did I ask for coaching?
“I co-direct my company with my wife, Linda and felt I needed an independent perspective on the direction and growth of the business, plus options for the future.”
How specifically has coaching helped my business?
“The sessions have allowed me rare time to analyse the business, make considered judgements and to act on them, with real, excellent results. “By using some easy-to-understand matrices, Adrian put some difficult problems into a different perspective.”
What about personal revelations?
“The coaching helped me analyse and process my personal feelings towards the business.”
Why would I recommend coaching to others?
“Because it makes you set valuable time aside to focus on specific issues.”
How were things before I had coaching?
“I was facing some very difficult problems which I didn’t know how to resolve. We’d also had to reduce our staffing numbers, which was a real low point.”
...And now? “We’re back in profit – and we’ve started business number two!”
Roger Collings, RDC Comminications, Wigston