Why did I ask for coaching?
“As the founder and owner of a supply chain consultancy, I wanted to determine the best way to develop the business, specifically looking at marketing, sales closure and finance. “The key question for me was ‘what are we actually selling?’ “Equally, I wanted advice about how to cope with the Recession, improve cash flow, as well as regrettably making some redundancies.
What have I changed about the way I run my business?
“I am now able to separate my role as founder-director from the day-to-day running of things. “I’m also more focused about the overall, fundamental service we as a company are offering.”
How specifically has coaching helped my business?
“I now have a very focused, independent view of things. Most of all, Adrian’s input has been critical in divining a path through the trickiest year in our history – we’re still here!” “We reviewed our approach to new and on-going client relationships, and made decisions about business financing.” “As a result, we’re now on the brink of closing major international projects.”
How were things before I had coaching?
“We almost ran out of cash, and I had to make my main development guy redundant.
...And now? “The future has the potential for us to achieve exactly what we set out to do – becoming a successful software and service company.”
Jeremy Bachelor, Catalyst Logistics, Nuneaton