Why did I ask for coaching?
“After five years of running my own business, I felt I needed an objective sounding board, new perspectives and the chance to explore and test ideas. “I felt in need of direction, specifically in terms of time, workload and staff management. “I wanted to sharpen my commercial awareness and look ahead with some solid, strategic planning."
What have I changed about the way I run my business?
“Now, whenever I think about planning ahead, I write things down to make sure that everything is clear before I actually implement anything. Overall, my thinking is a lot clearer.”
How specifically has coaching helped my business?
“I now feel I am less insular in my thought processes, and I have an improved ability to look at broader issues.”
What about personal revelations?
“I feel more confident in my ability, and I am better at looking back and being proud of what I have achieved so far. ”
Why would I recommend coaching to others?

“For just two hours of your time every month, you set aside time to look at your business and your behaviour in a new way, with a fresh pair of eyes to help you with objectivity."
”How were things before I had coaching?
I was burnt out and ready to give up the business.”
What about the future?
“I’m looking to open a second studio to enable more people to enjoy Bikram and to generally expand the Midlands’ yoga community.” “Now I’m ready to expand it! The possibilities feel endless!”
Libby Nockles, Bikram Yoga, Leicester