Why did I ask for coaching?
“I own a large portfolio of domestic properties for rent, as well as recently acquiring a franchise providing insurance claims management to commercial and domestic customers. “I felt I needed an objective view on my direction, not just focusing on commercial success, but the wider picture of personal happiness. I also wanted to learn a strategy to help me cope better with stress, allowing more time for my young, growing family."
What have I changed about the way I run my business?
“The coaching helped me realise that I wanted to sell my franchise and concentrate on other opportunities instead.” How specifically has coaching helped me?
“Adrian has provided me with an independent viewpoint from which to review issues and opportunities. I have been able to look at my next steps with heightened clarity.”
What about personal revelations?
“I’ve realised that my business goals should work towards my life ambitions. They are not separate, as I originally assumed. The best thing has been realising what my core values are.” Why would I recommend coaching to others?
“Because it’s been equally useful on a business and personal level to me.
”How were things before I had coaching?
“I was working too many hours and not spending the time I wanted to with my family.”
...And now?
“I can now look forward to working in new, challenging roles, working with good, like-minded people and achieving any goals I set.”
Mark Orton, Orton Property Services, UK