"I have worked with and known Adrian for over ten years, first meeting when we worked together in a FTSE 100 Utility. I have seen Adrian lead in various settings with both large and small groups and with individuals. He is adaptable and skilled in many situations, capable of presenting ideas, able to design learning situations as a teacher would, but even more skilled at questioning – in an apparently relaxed and informal manner. His questioning can be probing and challenging when appropriate, but only in the interest of the other person. His quiet appearance, good eye contact and skilled, perceptive comments, get people to open up naturally, with feelings of trust and confidentiality. He loves the success and achievements of others - their success is his success and he can be completely ego-less about that. I have every confidence that he will be equally at home in the public sector, the not-for-profit sector, and in the private sector. His ethos is one of continuous personal and professional development. As such, his life experience will be a reservoir to draw upon and he will be a role model for his clients.”
John Green, Director, The Green Light Partnership