Having read through some of Adrian’s other testimonials I can’t say to you that I was either undergoing training or working in anything when I first met with Adrian. It would be true to say that the opposite was true. I wanted to make a new start in life, including finding work.
I have always considered myself to have good self awareness. In fact I had recently completed a course in psychodynamic counselling. I recognised the need for change and to find a direction in my life which ‘fitted’ with my circumstances and who I am as a person. I was having a ‘mid–life–crisis’ to say the least and also needed to find employment.
Through Adrian’s particular style of coaching - which includes the ability to meet with a person where they are at, but still able to challenge where necessary - I feel I have found a direction in life which is both appealing and is congruent with who I am as a person. Soon after my coaching, I landed myself a job that enabled me to continue to study.
I would describe Adrian someone who is perceptive and practises his coaching with great awareness of and respect for the other person's position in life with sensitivity and integrity. If ‘Life Coaching’ is something that you are considering, I would wholeheartedly recommend Adrian as a coach.
S.S. Leicestershire