Life is a journey of discovery, a journey of transformation. Find meaning in life and hope for your future. Find your inner Self, move from fragmentation to wholeness, lose that lack of purpose and find your inner compass, live authentically and achieve whole life balance.

What do you want to be remembered for when you die? Have you ever experienced a mysterious sense of presence? Do you feel drawn to sacred places or sacred spaces? Are you wanting to reach out to something undefinable beyond yourself? Then learn to recognise that amongst all the matter of the universe, you matter. The focus of spirituality coaching is you. Work with your own understanding of God or a supreme being and explore religious experience and faith if you wish. Or just appreciate that being human has a natural beauty all of its own.

Galilee Coaching and Mentoring can open the possibilities of your thinking and the longings of your heart.

Treat a friend or colleague to a life changing coaching experience