Successful senior executive? Have you reached the top or is it in your sights? Busy executives sometimes find little time to reflect on their own path in life. You can be successful but dissatisfied, lack sparkle or in need of a new vision. Or you may feel you live life in the fast lane and just need to freshen up and get recharged.
But who do you confide in? Who will offer you an independent and totally confidential conversation about your ambitions?

I have worked at senior level and with company directors in the armed forces and industry and in lead roles nationally with two not-for-profit organisations. I have operational, line, project and change management experience and know the challenges and stresses of executive life. My coaching will bring you new perspectives, a sounding board in total confidence, and the challenge of someone who holds your success in the highest regard. Build on your strengths and enthusiasm to achieve your ambitions. Invest 30 or 45 minutes per week in yourself and see the difference!

Treat a friend or colleague to a life changing coaching experience