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Managing oneself, and making improvements in one’s personal outlook to support personal and professional success in life

Did I remember that correctly?


How well do you notice and then remember what is going on around you? When someone called at the vicarage the other day I had just sat down to lunch. So I wasn’t really paying attention to this person collecting for poppy day. It would be easier to hand over some cash that spend time finding out if they were genuine. Afterwards, when I felt they were bogus, I thought about how I would describe them to a police officer and I found it really difficult to remember much at all. Height, hair colour, what was he wearing, facial features, distinguishing marks? Perhaps if I pass him in the street I might recognise him? Would I be able to Read More...



The history of “character” can be traced to an Ancient Greek word “charaktêr” referring to a distinctive mark engraved or pressed on a coin that defines what it is. Our modern “character” is similarly engraved on our being, defining to a large extent how we come across to the world around us. There is a famous quote that may or may not belong to the founder of the Jesuits: “Give me the child until he is seven and I will give you the man.” Or in other words those first seven years of life are the defining years of our fairly permanent character traits.

But what is character? According to John Maxwell

Wing it


A definition: “wing it” means to do the best that you can in a situation that you are not prepared for. My hairiest was turning up to take a church service with someone else preaching only to find the other person thought I was to preach. I did pretty well and managed to create a coherent talk about the subject for which I had not prepared. However, on reflection, I realise I had prepared very well by all the study I had done and the many other sermons I had delivered.

Earlier this week I saw a fantastic example of the power of preparation. It was a role play delivered in just five minutes at a BNI networking breakfast meeting. Read More...