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Creation of Vision and Strategy; use of Management and Planning Tools and other techniques; turning vision and strategy into practical steps

Leaders need to stand on two legs


Here are two great expositions of what it takes to be an exceptional leader: John C. Maxwell’s Five Levels of Leadership and Jim Collin’s Level Five Leadership. The detail can be found in their respective books: The Five Levels of Leadership: Proven Steps to Maximize Your Potential, Read More...

Barriers to business growth in the digital sector


Businesses have something to sell, a market to sell in and a desire to grow – a generic business model. But in the digital sector both software and technology are evolving rapidly, there are many new entrants and customers often do not understand the subject matter. So where is the exponential growth we have come to associate with the revolution? Here are four experiences of barriers to growth I have encountered coaching SMEs in the digital sector.


Good Strategy that Works!


21st October is Trafalgar Day. Here’s what happened. “In 1805, England had a problem. Napoléon had conquered big chunks of Europe and planned the invasion of England. But to cross the Channel, he needed to wrest control of the sea away from the English. Off the southwest coast of Spain, the French and Spanish combined fleet of thirty-three ships met the smaller British fleet of twenty-seven ships. The well-developed tactics of the day were for the two opposing fleets to each stay in line, firing broadsides at each other. But British admiral Lord Nelson had a strategic insight. He broke the British fleet into two columns Read More...