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Searching, preparation of CV and for interview. Also, recruiting, assessment and interview panels. Use of Belbin to observe on temperamental fit to boss, job and team.

Leaders need to stand on two legs


Here are two great expositions of what it takes to be an exceptional leader: John C. Maxwell’s Five Levels of Leadership and Jim Collin’s Level Five Leadership. The detail can be found in their respective books: The Five Levels of Leadership: Proven Steps to Maximize Your Potential, Read More...



The history of “character” can be traced to an Ancient Greek word “charaktêr” referring to a distinctive mark engraved or pressed on a coin that defines what it is. Our modern “character” is similarly engraved on our being, defining to a large extent how we come across to the world around us. There is a famous quote that may or may not belong to the founder of the Jesuits: “Give me the child until he is seven and I will give you the man.” Or in other words those first seven years of life are the defining years of our fairly permanent character traits.

But what is character? According to John Maxwell

More on Trust


I have just been listening to a Webinar from the Chartered Management Institute on the topic of collaborative team-working in a virtual world. This made me think of a client company of mine and the connections they have to maintain between colleagues and clients in the UK and the USA. Not only are there challenges from time differences. Difficulties also arise from the lack of opportunity to build relationships, understanding and trust.

Five points about trust were made in the Webinar: “I don’t know you – so how can I trust you?” “Does our relationship suffer from due to lack of face to face time?” Can I trust you Read More...