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Did I remember that correctly?


How well do you notice and then remember what is going on around you? When someone called at the vicarage the other day I had just sat down to lunch. So I wasn’t really paying attention to this person collecting for poppy day. It would be easier to hand over some cash that spend time finding out if they were genuine. Afterwards, when I felt they were bogus, I thought about how I would describe them to a police officer and I found it really difficult to remember much at all. Height, hair colour, what was he wearing, facial features, distinguishing marks? Perhaps if I pass him in the street I might recognise him? Would I be able to Read More...

Good Strategy that Works!


21st October is Trafalgar Day. Here’s what happened. “In 1805, England had a problem. Napoléon had conquered big chunks of Europe and planned the invasion of England. But to cross the Channel, he needed to wrest control of the sea away from the English. Off the southwest coast of Spain, the French and Spanish combined fleet of thirty-three ships met the smaller British fleet of twenty-seven ships. The well-developed tactics of the day were for the two opposing fleets to each stay in line, firing broadsides at each other. But British admiral Lord Nelson had a strategic insight. He broke the British fleet into two columns Read More...

The One Thing That Changes Everything: TRUST


“Like father like son.” And I like them both, both Stephen R Covey who wrote Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, and his son Stephen M R Covey who has brought out a blockbuster of analysis, subtitled The One Thing That Changes Everything. Stephen has analysed what enables human beings to flourish in relationship with each other. He has not only come up with the core value of TRUST but also identified the impact of trust as a tax or a dividend. The main title of the book is The SPEED Of TRUST.

Covey asks us to list who we trust. And who trusts us? He then Read More...