Did I remember that correctly?

How well do you notice and then remember what is going on around you? When someone called at the vicarage the other day I had just sat down to lunch. So I wasn’t really paying attention to this person collecting for poppy day. It would be easier to hand over some cash that spend time finding out if they were genuine. Afterwards, when I felt they were bogus, I thought about how I would describe them to a police officer and I found it really difficult to remember much at all. Height, hair colour, what was he wearing, facial features, distinguishing marks? Perhaps if I pass him in the street I might recognise him? Would I be able to pick him out of a line up?

The Invisible Gorilla is an intriguing story of how our minds deceive us. What we think we see and think we remember we really believe is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. How wrong we can be! I’ve just ordered The Invisible Gorilla to read on iBooks (on my new Apple computer that I love!). But don’t wait to buy or borrow the book. Have a look at their video clips here:

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