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Seven Ways to Practise “Micro-Relaxation”


Would you like to feel totally relaxed in less than a minute? Then read on. Here’s a fun way to find an oasis of peace in the midst of a busy life.

The main holiday of the year is something to look forward to. We know we need to relax and so we save up our anxiety and stress and trust that two weeks in the sun will restore our sanity and return us to being fully human. On the other hand, every week-end is meant to offer a break from the routine pressures of life and a chance to unwind and relax. But what if we cannot wait for that big holiday break? Or the week-end passes without ofering respite?

Some people have tried

Ten mistakes that leaders make


As I prepare to get my church to polish the rough edges of a strategy we have come up with, and to share in the leadership of its delivery, I was intrigued to come across an article called “Ten mistakes that leaders make.” We like learning from other people’s mistakes, hoping our own are not found out! Here is my summary of the ten, complete with antidotes:

1. Stopping when you have got the vision. The meat of devising a strategy is to carry it through, to create the organisation and culture to deliver it.

2. Believing change will happen. Change needs pushing through and people going through change Read More...