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Barriers to business growth in the digital sector


Businesses have something to sell, a market to sell in and a desire to grow – a generic business model. But in the digital sector both software and technology are evolving rapidly, there are many new entrants and customers often do not understand the subject matter. So where is the exponential growth we have come to associate with the revolution? Here are four experiences of barriers to growth I have encountered coaching SMEs in the digital sector.


A sales visit in one email

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Last week in the middle of moving home I picked up an email from a young business owner I mentor, asking for tips on going to meet a potential client for a significant value deal. He said, “I need to be really careful with this one not to mess it up as you can guess I really want the contract!” so I emailed him back a sales lesson in one email. Did I miss anything?

“Show you are serious by preparing the following:

a) do your homework on their company, not to show off but to be ready with the right comments in response to what they say;

b) be an active listener, which means following their lead, answering their Read More...

Referring to the dentist!


In the Clive Woodward biography I am reading at the moment – you remember, the guy who coached England to win the world cup … at rugby – well, it describes how he came across an Australian dentist who had found a totally new way to promote his business. He decided he didn’t like half his patients so he recommended them to go to other dentists. He sacked them! And the rest he called “customers” and treated them like honoured guests at his establishment. For example, he

  • Pulled down all his signs and locked his front door; customer are treated as guests.
  • Took his name out of the phone book,
  • Sawed