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I have just been listening to a Webinar from the Chartered Management Institute on the topic of collaborative team-working in a virtual world. This made me think of a client company of mine and the connections they have to maintain between colleagues and clients in the UK and the USA. Not only are there challenges from time differences. Difficulties also arise from the lack of opportunity to build relationships, understanding and trust.

Five points about trust were made in the Webinar: “I don’t know you – so how can I trust you?” “Does our relationship suffer from due to lack of face to face time?” Can I trust you will ‘play fair’ in our negotiations?” How do I know you can deliver on what you promise?” “Are our communications or maybe lack of communications causing our trust to be tested?”

There is a principle promoted by BNI (Business Network International) called “Know, Like and Trust.” If I know you, I can then come to like you and then learn to trust you. And you me. The more we share of ourselves the more others can know, like and trust us. Whether we are separated by an ocean or by a few feet across an office, a lack of trust will frustrate all attempts at building effective teams. And will be at the root of many an unhappy member of staff who thought they wanted to come to work to do a good job.

In sum, get to know your colleagues, make time for this, and give trust a chance!

PS also see my article on Trust from 18th April 2012 “The One Thing That Changes Everything TRUST”

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