Monthly Archives: November 2012

Conceptual Leadership


Earlier this week I sat round a table with 11 people most of whom did not know one another but who needed to learn to get on together quite quickly. We were representing our different faith groups in the city of Peterborough and learning to be an executive team leading the newly formed Faith Communities Network. I wondered how many new beginnings I have made in various paid and voluntary roles in my life? It has to be dozens, and there is a common pattern to them all.

The first day can be both exciting and bewildering as we compare our values and style with those around us. We hope to find a common purpose. In The Fifth Read More...

Steal the space early


Learner drivers. How do you react to that thought? There I was minding my own business driving at moderate speed along a straight road when in the distance on the other side of the road was a parked car. Emerging from immediately behind that parked car was a learner driver who curved dramatically over to my side of the road to give the parked car a wide berth. Then, the learner driver had to make his (or was it her?) slow journey all the way back to their side of the road.

I always remember a principle about overtaking parked cars, and turning through tight corners: “steal the space early.” Anticipating the need to pass the Read More...

More on Trust


I have just been listening to a Webinar from the Chartered Management Institute on the topic of collaborative team-working in a virtual world. This made me think of a client company of mine and the connections they have to maintain between colleagues and clients in the UK and the USA. Not only are there challenges from time differences. Difficulties also arise from the lack of opportunity to build relationships, understanding and trust.

Five points about trust were made in the Webinar: “I don’t know you – so how can I trust you?” “Does our relationship suffer from due to lack of face to face time?” Can I trust you Read More...