Monthly Archives: August 2012

Managing your emails


I guess most of us receive lots of work, messages and stuff that comes in through emails, though perhaps there are phone calls and written material as well. As a business coach I regularly get involved in work planning with clients as they wrestle with an ever increasing email inbox. I wonder if I might explore a couple of ideas about managing the requests and material you get.

One discipline I have learnt to maintain for my own emails is to keep the inbox empty on a daily basis. What do I do with each email?

a) Junk – delete, unsubscribe or apply spam filter to avoid repeats

b) Background info – read and

Locus of Control


I was fascinated to listen to a Health Check radio programme talking about the I – E test. I discovered that it is all about how much we feel in charge of our own destiny. It measures our “locus of control” meaning how much we believe we are in charge of the life we experience and how much life just happens to us. The founder of the test at Cincennatti in the 1960s is Julian Rotter, now in his 90s and he was surprised by how well his idea for the test took hold.

A typical question asks you to