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The Myth of Multi-Tasking


The mobile phone has become an intrinsic part of life. If you’ve just got in your car and realised it’s not with you, would you stop to go back? Most would. We dare not be out of contact. The convenience of calling ahead to say we’re going to be late. The availability of support in an emergency. The ability to interrupt our already busy day with messages and calls that other people think are urgent. And now the ability to manage diaries, read and send emails and play games. I wonder how much mobiles are used by motorists? We really do imagine we can sneak a quick look or punch in a quick number before hands free takes Read More...

101 things to do

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I’ve had one of those days this week when all the little tasks had built up and I felt overwhelmed by the impossibility of getting through them.

Paralysis might have set in. But … just as we can choose our mood for the day – by which side of the bed we get out of – we can choose our strategy for the tasks we face. I start such a day the evening before by writing a fresh list on a pad, in any order, numbered from one to whatever. Then I allocate a time to each, in units of a quarter of an hour. Time for breaks and lunch is in there. This article is in there (half an hour for that). Then I add it all up and start a Read More...



I was reflecting over the week-end on where authority comes from and how we allow it to affect us.

Authority is the exercise of power and one theory talks about the three “Ps” of power: professional, positional and personal. Professional power comes from your knowledge and expertise, something you have that others do not that gives you the advantage, e.g. a medical consultant. Positional power comes from an appointed role that is backed up by rules or laws e.g. a managing director. And personal power is what is says – a charismatic type of self-confidence that enables you to influence others e.g. when a comedian holds an Read More...