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The Leapfrog Principle Redefined


What is leapfrogging?

According to John Moravec of Education Futures LLC “Leapfrogging means to jump over obstacles to achieve goals. It means to get ahead of the competition or the present state of the art through innovative, time-and-cost saving means.” The power of leapfrogging is that we are not trying to catch up, or keep up, but to overtake. We shift from trying to learn from the one in front, to imagining and then creating a new reality for ourselves. Nations can leapfrog. Corporations can leapfrog. And individuals can leapfrog Read More...

Life coaching retreats


Why a life coaching retreat?

A retreat is a great way to find answers to life’s difficulties. We may need time and space for restoration. Or have a tricky problem to think about. Or need to find new wisdom to move forward. All these and more are the benefits of life coaching – and also of retreats. So why not combine the two? A residential retreat gives time and space to allow your answers to emerge and balance to return. Life coaching assists in framing your questions, giving your answers clarity and restoring balance. One delegate said on her feedback form “thankyou for giving me life again”. You can read Read More...