Why bother with a STRATEGY?

Life without a STRATEGY

Stressed out running your business or organisation? Recognising you don’t have enough time for other things in life, like family? Or just feeling out of control? Maybe you’ve never stopped to think about the direction you want to go in. Or never believed you had any choice.

Having a strategy sounds like being tied down to a plan. As Eisenhower may have said, “No plan survives first contact with the enemy.” So we convince ourselves there is no good purpose in wasting time writing a strategic plan.

Eisenhower again: “Planning is everything, plans are nothing.” Now this I like! The activity of planning does something for us. It improves awareness of our situation. It gives us more control over what life throws at us. And it builds our self-esteem!

Reasons for having a STRATEGY

> To tell yourself why you are doing what you are doing

> To have the choice about where you are going

> To tell others why you are doing what you are doing

> To help you make decisions on the way, because you know the big picture

What is a STRATEGY?

A strategy can be defined in many ways. Essentially it is about planning a series of actions to achieve a goal. And it is set on a large scale, probably over one or more years and across more than one part of an organisation. A strategy is an assembly of ideas that have been thought through. It needs to be written down so those ideas can be checked and then shared.

One definition of strategy I like is this: “a strategy is the pattern or plan that integrates an organization’s major goals, policies, and action sequences into a cohesive whole” (from The Strategy Process: Concepts and Contexts, by Mintzbverg, Lampell, Quinn and Ghoshal).

How do you write your strategy? See my next blog entry.

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