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A new view on SMART goals!


Are your goals like your New Year’s resolutions?

How often do we hear people joke about setting – and then “breaking” – New Year’s resolutions? The sooner we break them the funnier it seems. Perhaps we weren’t being realistic. We may have intended our resolutions to achieve something. Or we may have dreamt of a life we feel deep down we are never going to realise. When we have experienced a few broken resolutions, we stop believing in the value of goals. We stop choosing to succeed and believing in ourselves.

There’s only one thing we choose in life

Life has just three

Why bother with a STRATEGY?


Life without a STRATEGY

Stressed out running your business or organisation? Recognising you don’t have enough time for other things in life, like family? Or just feeling out of control? Maybe you’ve never stopped to think about the direction you want to go in. Or never believed you had any choice.

Having a strategy sounds like being tied down to a plan. As Eisenhower may have said, “No plan survives first contact with the enemy.” So we convince ourselves there is no good purpose in wasting time writing a strategic plan.

Eisenhower again: “Planning is everything, plans are nothing.” Now this I Read More...