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Business Leadership Development Grants


The Leaders First scheme provides financial support to develop valuable strategic skills to drive your business forward. A grant of £1000 is available! Public sector, private and charitable organisations can apply.

What’s involved?

You want to be the best? Struggling with vision, or finding the right Read More...

Is my CV right for the job?

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What is the CV for? How does a CV get used? How shall I write mine?

Have a look at a version of my CV…CV for Weblog May 2010 Adrian Holdstock

What is the CV for?

The point of a CV is to help the employer sift the hopeful job-hunters. At first, the sifting is about looking for reasons to reject. Only when there are a manageable number of CVs left will the manager look for a good fit a) to the company and b) the job.

The CV is to get you to the next stage – an interview. Read More...

My Coaching Code of Practice


Why have one? When to use it? What’s in it?

Why have one?

It seemed like a good idea! Then I wrote mine. Now I value it in my coaching business.

Having a Code of Practice is important for two reasons. It reminds me of the ethos of my coaching business – what matters to me as a coach. And it shows my clients at a glance (well in a single A4 page) what they can expect from me and Read More...